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Embodied Tales Playshop

If your body could speak what would it say? Discover your personal mythology for creative living. In this Playshop, you will use movement-based expressive arts to tap in to your Creative Intelligence and be empowered to make your life your greatest work of art. 
Saturday, June 4th -  6:30 to 9:00pm
Price $35

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Welcome to A² Yoga

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A² YOGA IS WASHTENAW COUNTY'S BEST YOGA STUDIO by Current Magazine Readers Choice Awards! On behalf of all of us at A² Yoga, we thank you deeply with our hearts for voting us Best YOGA STUDIO, named for the 4th time! We are grateful for being a part of your community!


A² Yoga has been a part of the Ann Arbor Community for over 13years. We are committed practitioners of Yoga, Nia, and bodywork. We are open every day, with classes to welcome the sun, the moon, and YOU! We are dedicated to helping you foster conditions of optimal health. Please remember to arrive for classes a little early, so classes can start on-time, maintain the energy within the studio room, and minimize distractions during the practice.  This is deeply appreciated by the teachers and the other students.

New A² Yoga Studio Students: $20 for 7 Day Unlimited TRIAL CLASS PASS *Starts on 1st visit for 7 consecutive days. (Washtenaw County residents)

We offer parking directly in front of our building and on the side street. PLEASE remember to NOT  park in the large US Postal Parking lot. (They will tow and charge a hefty fine!) THANK YOU!


2016 Hours of Operation:
 M - T / F 8:45am–12:30pm  W 8:00a–1pm  TH 8:30am–1pm
 M - T 5:30pm – 9:30pm  W/TH 5:00 - 9:15pm  F 4-6pm
 S - S 8:30am – 1:00pm (unless workshop/event)
 Sun. 4:30pm – 7:15pm


Starting Wed.,
Apr. 20, 8:15-9:15a
Experience the Yin & Yang effects of yoga.
Hatha Flow is taught with unique sequencing to promote a  
dynamic + relaxing experience. This class incorporates all aspects of traditional Hatha yoga - breath, meditation & postures - while challenging your coordination through flow movement. 


April 29th - 30th
15% off any class package to High School Seniors graduating & College Graduates '16
New A² Yoga Studio Students:
$20 for 7 Day Unlimited TRIAL CLASS PASS  
(Washtenaw County residents - starts 1st visit for 7 consecutive days)


A² Yoga works hard not to cancel classes!
 At A² Yoga we understand the importance of your Yoga / Nia practice. Instead of canceling classes, if the studio is unable to find a sub for when teachers are out, we offer a self-led practice or what is commonly called 'open-studio practice.' This allows you to enjoy your normally scheduled class time at the studio FREE of charge (Donations Welcome - 100% go to the NPO of the Quarter).* In other words, please come enjoy the studio setting to guide yourself through your practice. There is no cost to you!


Our Community Commitment (C²) : A² Yoga works to support the community that supports the studio through our Community Program, Change into Dollar$ - Makes more sens¢. This is based on the mathematical power of 2 to create more.  *100% Donations go to the sponsored Non-Profit Organization!

 Wed. 11:15a Ona Flow Vinyasa
 Fri. 10:45a NIA
 Fri. 4:30p Ona Flow Vinyasa
 2015 C2 Quarters: 1st Q: Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels 2nd Q: Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living  3rd Q: Ann Arbor Art Association 4thQ: Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley *100% Donations go towards the Non-Profit Organization of the Quarters

In 2015 A² Yoga's Change into Dollar$ - Makes more sens¢ (C² Program), raised over $2,000 for local Non-profit Organizations! Thank you for your continued community support!
If you are a NPO seeking community support, please contact the Studio directly to apply.


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